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Tesco, Barclays, Boots and Expedia have enjoyed our Rome treasure hunt ... now it's your turn


A Rome treasure hunt is a fun event that is fully inclusive. There are easy, medium and cryptic questions making sure that everyone can contribute. The word game, shopping list and photo tasks ensure there is always something to be done from start to finish.



Rome is a splendid city for a treasure hunt - there are the fountains, the colosseum and the Pantheon to name just three. But it's not just the sights, the atmosphere is hard to beat as you explore the streets and squares in your quest for answers!

Image: Building on the Rome treasure hunt.


With no set route or times, the Rome treasure hunt is a fun daytime activity that can be conveniently slotted into your conference, company away day, team building event as required. No map is supplied so the first challenge is to find one, so that you can decide on your team's route.

There is no minimum or maximum number of participants making it as suitable for SME's as well as national and international corporations.

Your Rome treasure hunt is available for a wide range of technologies. For a start, there is the good old traditional paper and pen version. But forward thinking 21st century business is often conducted by smartphone or tablet computer ... so is the Rome treasure hunt. DIY or fully managed - the choice is yours.

All the main sites of Rome are included in your corporate scavenger or treasure hunt and depending on how much time you have, it could be possible to visit most of them.

If you have chosen the DIY Rome treasure hunt, from arriving at Fiumicino 'Leonardo da Vinci' airport, it is easy to hop on a coach into central Rome, either dropping off at Vatican or the railway station to get into the clues. The clues are set around the following areas:-

  • Vatican
  • Castel saint Angelo
  • Piazza Navona
  • Pantheon
  • Spagna
  • Spanish steps
  • Coliseum
  • Palatino
  • Vittoro Emanuelle monument

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Image: On the Rome corporate treasure hunt.

Team Building

Effective team building needs the right atmosphere. Staff need to be relaxed but focused. A Rome treasure hunt provides exactly that - an unpressured fun ambience that develops essential workplace skills - planning, communication, meeting deadlines and more.

Your staff will be fully engaged for the whole time - no standing around waiting for their turn.

To win the day's treasure will require teamwork, communication, lateral thinking, problem solving and negotiation - all key skills required by a dynamic and successful team.

Conference Breaks

Rome is a great location for a conference.

Just add a treasure hunt for the perfect conference break. It's fun and team building at the same time. Rome's key sites are all in walking distance of each other, but spread out enough to make teams have to plan which sites they really want to go and see in the time available.

Make sure that your conference in Rome is remembered for the right reasons, include a treasure hunt as a conference break to revitalise tired minds.

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Features and Benefits

Fully customised. We don't customise to a standard formula so you benefit from a relevant and engaging team building or corporate event.

Flexible. If you are running a conference or multi-activity event, your treasure hunt can be slotted in when you need it. It can be as long or as short as you wish. The benefit is that if things are running late, it simply won't matter. Your treasure hunt can still run.

No set route. Other providers have a set route. Our Rome treasure hunts don't. Teams will meet during the event so it is still fun and sociable making it memorable for the right reasons.

Options. You can have a version managed by an experienced events manager, a DIY version, on-paper version, smartphone or tablet PC version to suit your company ethos.

Designed to develop workplace skills. All teams will need to use a range of skills - negotiation, planning, initiative, lateral thinking, time management and of course communication. It's teambuilding by stealth so no moaning and groaning in anticipation of the company team building day!

Shopping list and word game. Everyone is involved right from the start and the treasure hunt shopping list and word game ensure there is always something to do which makes for cost-effective team building.

Depth. There are more clues than can be answered in the time available. Teams need to plan which areas they can visit adding variety and interest to the event.

Specialists. We only do treasure hunts. Experience counts and ensures you receive a top quality event. Other corporate entertainment and team building companies rely on us to write and deliver their treasure hunts.

How the Rome Treasure Hunt Works

Your Rome city treasure hunt or scavenger hunt will have a variety of factual, cryptic and fun clues and tasks, more than can be done in the time available. Then there is the infamous 'shopping list', a word quiz and photos to take thus keeping all team members busy throughout the event.

Teams need to be back on time to mark the Rome treasure hunt at the finish location or risk blowing their chances of winning the treasure as they lose points for every minute late. The marking session is great fun with teams marking their own results under the watchful eye of another team member, but the organiser's decision is final (unless swayed by a bottle of red wine!). These fun marking sessions can be at a location of your choice - in a bar, conference room or café for example.

Marking of the smartphone or tablet Rome treasure hunt is automatic but each team has no idea of the scores of the other teams until all is revealed at the finish venue. Clues can be answered or skipped and hints are available if teams are struggling for answers ... but at a points cost.

Your Scavenger or Treasure hunt will be written with start and finish locations to suit you and the photo tasks ensure that you have a lasting memory of your day. The hunt can even be tailored to your industry.

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Rome - The capital city of Italy with a history stretching back over 2,500 years ...

Take a memorable trip round Rome. Visit well-known places of interest and discover corners of Rome that are usually never seen by visitors. Perfect for international team building events and company away days.

In 1870, the city of Rome became the capital of the newly unified Italy but its chequered history stretches back a long way. It was reputedly founded in 753 BC by the mythical Romulus and Remus but in reality, the area has been settled since the stone age. Rome as we know it grew from a collection of Iron Age huts and, foillowing an invasion, became the seat of power of the neighbouring Etruscan kings until the last one was overthrown about 500 BC.

The Roman Republic followed during which time the city was essentially ruled by a consul who was designated by the senate. The city continued to develop under the subsequent Emperors, rapidly extending its influence throughout Europe as the centre of the Roman Empire. Rome fell to the invading German forces in 476AD and began a long decline.

During the early Middle Ages, Rome changed hands several times, and seriously deteriorated, finally ending up under the rule of the Catholic Church. Late in the 15th century, the focus of the Italian Renaissance shifted from Florence to Rome. The Popes wanted Rome to have the most splendid buildings in Italy and set about building some of the finest of Rome's churches, bridges and public spaces. Some of the most celebrated artists of the time were working in Rome - Caravaggio and Michaelangelo to name but two.

This has left a legacy of spectacular ruins, fabulous buildings, statues, fountains and frescos that you will experience on your Rome treasure or scavenger hunt.